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Scary Adventure Games
Unholy Flesh Unholy Flesh
Enjoy a well written story with the added bonus of the game intuitively creating images in...
Ectology Ectology
Ectoplasm is alleged to be a substance that allows paranormal entities to exert physical i...
Hell City Hell City
A city turned into a hellish nightmare with the unleashing of a demon-spawn into the popul...
Slender Micro Slender Micro
A small (micro) game based on the original Slender where you have to search the dark and s...
Gyossait Gyossait
Highly symbolic with dark undertones and eerie ambiance, Gyossait is a game about the begi...
Traumata Traumata
Based on 'old skool' point and click arcade, run scare if you encounter trauma i...
Town Of Fears Town Of Fears
Play as detective Marco investigating in a town where the residents are living in fear aft...
Paris Scary Game Paris Scary Game
If you're a horror movie buff like Paris you'll recognize all the game character...
The Sound of Darkness The Sound of Darkness
Trapped the darkest corner of this strange world, light is scarce and can mean the differe...
FiM:Story of the Blanks FiM:Story of the Blanks
Here is a short creepy little story of my little pony Friendship is magic (FiM) game invol...
RolyPoly Cannon:Bloody Monsters RolyPoly Cannon:Bloody Monsters
The scary Roly-poly monsters are haunting the neighborhood and being a nuisance, get your ...
Transylvania Transylvania
Mr Potato went off sleepwalking and ended up in a far away land filled with monsters, ghou...
Mortlake Mansion Mortlake Mansion
You receive a mysterious letter from 1963 addressed to you warning of mortal danger and pl...
Graveyard Jewel Graveyard Jewel
Play as a tomb raider looting the valuables buried along with the dead. Stealing jewels fr...
Rune Hunt Rune Hunt
Expecting to enjoy an evening hunting for runes, the adventure turns into a nightmarish fl...
Aurora Chapter 1 Aurora Chapter 1
After a freak accident you end up in a creepy ghost town, where you find out a woman named...
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